How to Easily Recognize Counterfeited Nike Golf Shirts

Nike carries several kinds of sports apparels both for men and women. One of which are the Nike Golf Shirts. The Nike golf shirts come in a variety of styles and lively colors. Most of the colors that Nike golf shirts cater are those, which are light and refreshing to the eyes as well as fashionably fit for the sunny outdoors.


However, due to the popularity of the brand and the increasing number of golf enthusiasts, Nike golf shirts are now being counterfeited. Counterfeit clothing may come to be extremely cheaper than the authentic brands, but these apparels may bring you more harm than good. They degrade very easily, cause injuries, or even contain hazardous dyes, which may endanger your health. Remember, that wearing the right sports apparel also means wearing authentic ones. Authentic golf shirts, in this case, can help you bring ease of movement, improved performance, as well as safety. In line with this, it would be good to arm yourself with some basic knowledge on how to recognize easily counterfeited Nike golf shirts. Here are some easy ways to recognize the fake from the not.


• Do a background check of the individual or retailer selling the Nike Golf Shirts.
It would be worth the while if you take time in researching about the selling background of the individual or retailer, especially if you suspect that they are selling counterfeit Nike golf shirts or Nike golf polo. Though these people are not involved in the direct manufacture of the Nike golf men apparels, they still have the knowledge if the golf shirts they sell are fake or not. If you are buying from an individual seller online, you may want to take a look at the seller’s profile and feedback page. This will help you check for information about the seller’s sales history and the authenticity of the stuff they sell.


• Inspect the appearance of your Nike Golf shirts as well as the material where the shirt is made of.
If you already bought the shirts and just want to check their authenticity. It would be helpful if you inspect the appearance of the shirt as well as the material where the shirt is made of. Most often than not, counterfeit shirts look poor in terms of appearance. The logo may be a little distorted or the spelling of the text may be incorrect. With regards to materials, counterfeit golf shirts are usually made of low quality fabrics that not only feel odd and queasy, but also uncomfortable. In addition, you may also check the tags of the golf shirts. There is a huge difference with tags of authentic Nike Golf Shirts versus those of the fake ones. If the golf shirt does not have a label or a tag then that is an obvious sign that it is a fake.


At first, it may seem a little difficult to spot the authentic ones from their counterfeit versions, but if you look close enough, you will be able to see the difference in the small details. You may also practice by comparing authentic golf shirts to the fake ones. You should be able to spot improper stitches and poor fabric quality on the counterfeit ones. Do not just rely on a golf shirt being cheap and all. Spending a little more for quality and authentic shirts will surely be more worth the money in the end.