What are Mens Shorts Made Of?

Mens Shorts

Men’s apparels come in a variety of styles. One of these styles would be shorts. Men wear shorts in several occasions, most of which are casual or semiformal. When buying for men’s shorts, it would be best to consider the factors like style, color, design, and comfort. Speaking of comfort, men like their shorts to be wearable in extreme heat as well as lightweight and breathable. These shorts are often made from several materials like cotton, linen, wool, and synthetics. However, many comfortable fabrics are quite expensive to produce making the products quite as pricey. This is why wearing cheap men’s shorts would be wiser. Here are some descriptions of the common materials that men’s shorts are made of.

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  • Men’s Shorts Made of Cotton

These men’s shorts are great for heat especially if it is woven or made right. Cotton shorts are usually breathable and lightweight. They are also very easy to wash as well as dry without much special care. However, when buying cotton shorts, always keep in mind that cotton shorts with tight weaves may hold warm air closer to the body, which makes water or sweat evaporate rather slowly. There are several types of cotton fabrics that are made into shorts:

  • The seersucker cotton fabric is considered as the lightest cotton material available. It has a dimpled surface, which lets the airflow easily. This fabric is great for shorts that are to be worn in the summer season. It is also one of the best type of fabric among all the other cotton fabrics.
  • True Madras also has very loose weaves and also lets the air flow easily. This fabric is also very easy to dry. This material is abundant in India, but may have lesser production in the United States. This makes true Madras a little more expensive than others are.
  • Another type of cotton fabric is called gauze. Gauze cotton fabrics are the ones that are mostly linked with bandages used in hospitals and clinics. They are largely weaved and have visible gaps. However, this type is not as durable, which makes this almost ineligible for men’s shorts.
  • Drill cotton fabric, or also known as twill, is weaved tighter and retains more moisture and air. This is one of the most common types of cotton made into shorts since it is quite inexpensive. These may be good for shorts if you want to ensure that they are durable.
  • Men’s Shorts Made of Linen

Linen is more commonly used with jeans or trousers, linen shorts are not unheard of. Usually shorts made from linen are very comfortable as well as lightweight. However, they just tend to wrinkle quicker than cotton. Most linen short wearers appreciate these wrinkles as part of the style of the shorts.

  • Men’s Shorts Made of Wool

Wool shorts are not as popular as the other types because of the smooth drape of the wool. This fabric is often used in summer jeans or trousers.

  • Men’s Shorts Made of Synthetics

Athletes mostly wear synthetic shorts. Synthetic shorts are made from materials like spandex or nylon. These are best for athletes since they are loosely weaved making them hold less sweat and heat.