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Badger was founded in 1971. Badger is a sportswear manufacturing company that has been making high quality sportswear apparels. It offers amazing styles clothing with first class fabric for men, women and kids which also provide fresh look and comfort.The collection of Badger T-shirt is comfortable and classy and it is built up with moisture wicking material that keeps you relaxed and cool while playing sports, relaxing in home or regular day-to-day activities.

Badger 2559 Youth Mesh/Dazzle Reversible Tank

Do You Know The History Of Tee?

A hundred years ago, the word “T-shirt” was not in the dictionary, and people wore dresses and fancy suits. In the beginning of 20th century, the T-shirt was first introduced as a normal clothing line.Unlike dress shirts, T-shirt has spawned a fashion industry. You can wear T-shirts while playing game, in the gym and at work.

T-Shirts For Printing

As many people know custom t-shirt for advertising. If you are interested in getting a T-shirt printed for your company choosing the right T-shirt would be the first thing that you should consider. Because for long lasting t-shirt printing result a good quality really matters.The second most things is the color, the color of T-shirt that you choose will affect the cost of T-Shirt Screen Printing.

Badger T-Shirt Styles

Badger 4160 Ladies Performance Tee offers an extensive collection of Badger T-shirt including performance T-shirts, football T-shirts, pro tech T-shirts, color block T-shirts, placket shirts, digital Camo tee, raglan tees, compression tees, digital combo tees and more for athletes and sells at wholesale rates. You can also get these tees customize with industry’s most affordable screen printing packages. To know more about T-shirts screen printings please call us at (813)344.0919 or email us at