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Individuals, organizations, and companies all over the world are doing their own share of conserving the environment. It is just right that each of us do something extra for the world that we live in. After all, it is still us who will benefit from a clean and healthy surrounding. With every growth in technology and industry, there is always a portion of nature that is sacrificed. As stewards of this earth, it is our big responsibility to return or replenish what we have taken away.

So if we cut some trees, we should also plant some. Proper waste segregation and recycling are also important because these will reduce the need to burn our garbage every time, which directly harms our ozone layer. But aside from these measures and practices, another way to be nice to nature is by wearing environment-friendly clothing or what is more popularly known as “organic clothing.”


When we say “organic clothing”, it means that an apparel is made of materials that are products of organic farming. Organic farming is a type of agriculture that controls the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. These synthetic pesticides and fertilizers contain chemicals that are harmful both to our bodies and the air that we breathe.  However, if you want to buy organic apparel, you will have to pay more since the fibers used are chemical-free and more expensive. Examples of this kind of clothing are made of wool, silk, cotton, soy, hemp, and bamboo.

But before you decide to overhaul your wardrobe with organic apparel, you must first get to know each of these organic materials. For instance, organic wool is derived from sheep that have been fed on organic soil. Organic soy is smoother and more resilient than cashmere. Organic clothing made of bamboo feels like silk, but much better. It is very cool on the body and provides UV protection as well. Organic cotton and hemp are the most popular materials for organic clothing. These two are highly durable and economical to produce.


The most apparent benefits of organic clothing are the following:

  • They don’t contain harmful coloring that many people are allergic to.
  • Less air pollution. Let us be aware that clothes manufacturing brings the most pollution compared to other industries.
  • Farmers and producers who make these organic materials become healthier because they are not exposed to overly damaging pesticides and fertilizers.

Although wearing organic apparel means that you will be spending some more, it is worth every penny because you are able to help yourself, others, and most of all, the environment.


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