Harriton Men and Women Shirts by ApparelnBags.com

The Harrition Apparel Company manufactures quality men’s and women’s clothing from formal to casual wear and uniform to sports wear. It’s good to be specialized in dealing with Apparel color like Harriton does. If you are looking for formal and casual clothing in a variety of colors, Harrition makes what you are looking for, they produces comfortable clothing in a wide range of colors and sizes. Harriton is also an ideal pick to uniform all your team or staff needs.

Harriton M500SW Ladies S-Sleeve Twill Shirt

Look into the History

Men’s shirts have been around for a long time. In 1871 brown, Davis and Co. Introduced the world to the first men’s shirt with button. Today, shirts are modernized and split into two categories casual and formal men and women shirts.Women shirt was introduced in 1890 when freedom fighters donned red wool shirts. Today, women shirts have evolved into many different styles, including casual shirts, sleeveless shirts and much more, in a variety of fabrics.

Types of Shirts

Traditionally, men’s and women’s Shirts are classified as casuals and formals. Formal shirts are indicated for formal occasions such as going to work and attending official meetings, and visiting other places to show your corporate appearance. Casual shirts indicate play and fun. Funny patterns and bright colors are used to attract attention. There are not any certain rules for designing causal shirts. The designer can be as creative as possible. Example of casual shirts is sports shirt, baseball shirt and tennis shirt.

Shirts in Markets

The finest men’s shirts are 100% cotton, with exceptional quality elements such as durability, comfort and breathable. Poplin crisp shirts are comfortable and cool and ideal for all year around dress shirt needs. Oxford weave is generally a little warmer and heavier than a cotton poplin weave so it is ideal in the cooler winter and autumn season. Pinpoint weaves is a combination of both Oxford and poplin. It is using long staple cotton for extra softness. Twill is textured men’s weaves that produce a diagonal structure and it is favored in the coldest month. Discover new Styles of Harriton Shirts in markets and why not at ApparelnBags.com!

Harriton M500 Men's Easy Blend Long-Sleeve Twill Shirt with Stain-Release

Top Selling Styles of Harriton Shirts

Harriton shirts are available at ApparelnBags.com for men and women. Harriton shirts come in attractive colors and in both long sleeves and short sleeves. There are a range of shirt styles available at ApparelnBags.com including camp, Oxford, polo, poplin, twill and denim shirts.


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