Van Heusen! Embraces professional superior style at your fitting and expedient

Van Heusen V0170Van Heusen is an American apparel company, and the world largest shirt company. Its roots may be traced to the late 19th century when a, Polish-born pushcart peddler, begin selling flannel shirts sewn by his wife.  For over 120 years, Van Heusen act its age and proves to be world’s No.1 Business wear manufacturer with its high quality latest business wear shirts made from natural fabrics.

Van Heusen V0110As being the institute of style, Van Heusen brand is synonymous with the quality dress shirts for men and women including menswear collection features three styles of cut, several cuff options like Dou cuff, French cuff, wide two button cuff and also womenswear features peak collars, straight single button cuffs  and much more at your fitting and comfy.

For an existent premium style brand, Van Heusen Shirts captured the public’s attention and wallets to sustain your move-up in the world. covers a lot of ground on Van Heusen dress shirts, classic long sleeves oxford shirts, fitted shirts, mens shirts, oxford pants, women short sleeves shirt, men dress twill, wrinkle resistant shirts and many more at economical prices, that show your grace when you pull off your jackets and pullovers at your work place.

Van Heusen had passed to become the world’s largest shirt manufacturer and commits to wait on your hand and foot with fabulous products of Van Heusen.


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